FREEBIES                                           PAID SERVICES  

FREE 3D  MODELS                                                                                                                    

AUDIO RESOURCES                                                     

Song Lyrics  -  (dont bother with  thier  links  to other sites unless you want pop ups )

Format Factory - Free Audio / Video / Image file format converter -   the best  Free Video Converter I've come across so far

Incompetech  free background music - very good !

 MorphVox Junior - Free Voice Aletring software. Paid Pro version available

 MP3/Wav Recorder -  Record sounds as they play on  your PC  Very simple to use - scroll down Mp3 Recorder's web page to find the download

ZynAddSubFx   Free synthesizer  - make music , weird sounds or whatever you can come up with ! Read About     Download


Anim8or Free modelling and animation

Amabilis  Free Basic with Paid upgrade version at budget prices

 MakeHuman  3d Character modelling open source

 Sculptrist     Free 3D Clay Modelling -  excellent !

 Plant Factory Stand Alone Plant modeller -The Plant factory modelling engine is so powerful that it can be used to model other kind of meshes, not just plants.


Hash Animation Master   Modelling Texture Animate Render



BVH Hacker - Useful freeware to fast view bvh files Has basic editing postioning trimming etc. No Key frame

AniMate Excellent  Daz studio plugin for creatiing animations. Free and Pro versions. Many motions available for purchase but can, via Daz use bvh or poser files. Save out as pZ2 files with Daz's Poser Format Exporter (Free) and import into Carrara.

The Aniblock Importer Plugin for Carrara makes it easy to get animations from daz to Carrara and is very worthwhile

Free animation files 3ds & fbx _ sign in to download

Endorphine - Dynamic animation Pro and  Learning Edtion available.

Eclipse Studios - some freebies- mostly paid content

 Zign Track   Facial Capture Software 

Ecstasy    Animation Software 

Poser Mocap  -  some freebies- mostly paid content

Truebones      -  some freebies- mostly paid content

House of Moves - Motion Capture and Animation Editing. Also can purchase motion bvh files - They claim to have 6000 in library

Face Shift       New Facial Animation software in beta

Nui Capture     Motion Capture software requires Microsoft Kinect camera  (not expensive) .Claims to capyure facial animation. Free version available limited to 30 seconds capture



Share CG        Mostly for Daz and Poser - links to many


 I have found that BVH files which do not import properly to Carrara may work OK in Daz Studio. Animations then made can be exported as a Poser PZ2 with this plug In and imported into Carrara. Works for facial animations as well as body movements.  

Sparrowhawk 3D Plugins

 FENRIC   Some of the best Carrara plugins available FREE and a few that require payment. Fenric is a long standing contributor to Carrara and should be checked out.

Digital Carvers Guild  Plugins made for Carrara to enhance functionslity of Carrara

 Aniblock Importer  If you make Animations in Daz Studio this is an EASY way of getting them into Carrara . Use the Animate Plugin to save the animations as Aniblocks which can then be imported to Carrara with this plugin


Plugins, tutorials, models and shaders for Carrara.


CELTX     Celtx is the world's first all-in-one media pre-production system. It replaces 'paper & binder' pre-production with a digital approach that's more complete, simpler to work with, and easier to share. Free and Pro versions

OLD TIME RADIO   Old radio programs that could be used for a script / sountrack for your movie.  Many other things can be found on this interesting site

Morphvox - Voice altering software  Free and Pro versions

ICLONE      quote " Good Production Tool for motion graphics, 3D animation and Video compositing. Use additional software 3DEXCHANGE4 to convert into Iclone format. Most recently added fbx format to import Daz & Poser Characters."

 IgniteMotion      Video Loops for backgrounds Free and Paid content


Polyloop   French based Cararra Daz forum - many tutorials (in english)

Unfortunately site appears to have discontinued english support though the original english forum is archived.

Note due to the ageing of the posts some links no longer work but still a lot of interesting tuts

 CARRARA CAFE   THE Forum for Carrara Lovers

news, tutorials, image gallery and more