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   DAZ Studio animation. Im just refreshing the memory of year 2000. Song entitled 'SOMETIMES' by Britney Spears. Sara 2.0(by 3Duniverse) is the vocalist(morphed Britney's voice), and background dancers are Nyacky( by Rikkugame).

 Animation created in DAZ, Poser : A Music Video using Animate & Puppeteer amongst other tools. Some post-work done in Photoshop. Composited and Edited in Avid Liquid. I used Milkdrop for some of the backdrops. All music composed, performed and recorded in my project studio by myself - Recorded in Cubase 4 using a Yamaha Motif, a Korg Karma and softsynths. constructive comments welcome


" フリーソフトDAZStudio3で作成した3Dアニメーション です。(^-^)  "
Not sure what the creator is saying  about the video but I think safe to assume it was made with Daz3.
I like the synchronisation with music but some soft body effects would have been nice ! ! !

Great action by Ivy Summers