other software may have been used also

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This remarkable ANIMATION created in Carrara ( except for compositing) is hosted on Vimeo which unfortunately my site cannot handle.

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A must see video in my opinion !



Creator's comment.

 The studio, camera equipment, lighting equipment all belong to an very talented photographer I work with, Richard Mountney. I approached him with the film idea, and we shot it at weekends when the studio was free. That's why it cost nothing.

Software used:
Modeling/Animation/Render: Carrara Pro
Matchmove: Syntheyes
Compositing/Motion graphics: After Effects
Edit: Final Cut Pro HD
Sound elements by Jim Pritchard
and Soundtrack.


June 2010

By Jaegercat


Mark  Robinson





Congratulations to the above three winners of the June Carrara Animation Competion !!


 markous57 September 17, 2009A newer version of space 1999. Made with Carrara 6 3-D software.


 jaegercat November 22, 2008Each animal in the Chinese zodiac takes his turn every 12 years, but having tasted the good life, not all of them like to wait that long. This is one rat who doesn't want to give up!

Cartoon film made by my wife Beth, based on a song I wrote earlier this year when all the shops were closed for a long holiday.

Music by Richard Hunter, film by Beth Hunter.

jaegercat September 21, 2008It only happens once a year. Or does it?

I LOVE THIS ONE ! 0oseven


My first animated short.
As we all know bears are thinking only of 2 things - leading a life of leisure and and having enough food.
This is animated short is about the daily problems of Little Bear

 Carrara 8 Pro Animation

 jaegercat October 12, 2009The truth behind the relationship between cats and humans


 jaegercat October 12, 2007An Innocent Tale


sub7th — September 04, 2009 — 2 man

Collaboration, myself and Bob Wooley of Trucker Films. The 3D is about 90% Carrara and 10% Cinema 4D Release 11

By        DimensionTheory
Daz Brokered Artist

 AgeOfArmour January 03, 2010Ford GT40 vs Ball Bearing - What did I do for Christmas? Crashed my new GT40 over and over hehe.

Someone at the Daz forums asked about doing a CGI car crash in Carrara so I tried a few techniques out. This is far from perfect but it sure was fun :)

The animation is mostly physics with a few particles and wave deformers added in for effect.
The GT40 model was made by Donald Sielke
Music by Kevin MacLeod

By Dave Herring

A little James Bond type story. Animated with Carrara 8 pro in HD. The first time I could make water with real waves. I also used the "bullet physics" feature to smash a brick wall. I found some very nice free models online including the fishing boat, a Porsche, and Big Ben.


By Donatord

Animation and live action. Twin brothers, one good and one evil. Both see power in completely different ways. Twins. One brother will use that connection to gain the "dark power", but "forest sprites" have a different idea.


Created by BEEverify with

Carrara 7